Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you can lift yourself out of your chair and into your bed, you will likely be able to lift yourself onto the couch inside the Blu Room. If you do not have enough upper body mobility or strength, our staff will gladly assist you.

With children ages 12 and under, parents may take the child in and have a session together. Call it cuddle time. The lower age limit depends on whether the child will tolerate the eye protection. We recommend limiting the initial UVB portion of each session to only three minutes since young children easily make the conscious shift beyond polarized thought.

Parents with children 13 to 17 may choose to allow their teenager to have Blu Room sessions alone. Although some children may lack the mental discipline for deep focus, the physical benefits of the Blu Room, particularly of reducing stress in the body, are useful for most everyone.
There is also no upper age limit. The Blu Room is easy to enter and exit, and the staff is happy to assist if you have mobility or balance issues.

The Blu Room experience is designed to be a safe exposure. As in any experience in a new environment, it takes a while for the individual to adapt. For example, in learning to SCUBA dive or fly an airplane, the training starts slow and simple. We do advise people about the cautions related to UVB exposure which are minimized by the structure and duration of the Blu Room sessions.

Wearing your normal street clothes, if they are comfortable, works for most people. You do not undress but we do ask that you remove your shoes to keep from scratching the highly polished stainless steel when you walk in and it helps to relax you.

Everyone’s experience is different in the Blu Room as well as the frequency with which people have a session in the Blu Room. However, many users have reported weekly sessions as beneficial.

Absolutely! The price is the same if a couple would like to have a session together.

No. Tanning beds typically use light called UVA, the Bluroom uses a narrowband UVB light which is a healing frequency

No. The UV light used in hospitals to sterilize surfaces is UVC and can be harmful to people. The bluroom is Narrowband UVB frequency is a healing frequency..

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